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Breacher is Terra's newest tactical robot it is designed to be used as a remote video investigator or RVI and is also designed to be used in mine field remediation.

It comes standard with night vision and chemical assault and may be equipped with a variety of sensors for the detection of mines or explosives.

The electronics are solid state as with all other Terra robots, and it is controlled using the Wisdomcomm command link from any suitable laptop or PC running Windows 95™.

Guarantee / Warranty
The Manufacturer guarantees all equipment and components for life against defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship. Motors, Gearing and Electronic components are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding batteries). In the event of component failure, the manufacturer shall replace the defective item at no charge within 5 working days to minimize equipment downtime.

All Terra/Tac products are designed in accordance with Terra "AEGIS" program mandates. "Aegis" prescribes that all equipment components be designed with a focus on high reliability, multi-tasking and compatibility with other systems and components to improve asset sharing between EOD / Tactical and Hazmat Teams. Contact us for information on other innovative security products.