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The Merlin Robotic Vehicle has been designed to provide the optimum in precision manipulation, weapons deployment and surveillance capabilities on a small highly mobile platform. The Merlin vehicle has been Designed to be "Multi-configurable" to permit its use in a variety of Tactical, EOD and Security operations with such features as Multi-positionable camera / Vision systems and a removable Boom / Manipulator / Weapons assembly. This "multi-configurable" capability will permit Merlin to drive under most automobiles or low height passages such as culverts or "crawl spaces" under buildings to provide visual inspection to the operator. Based on Its' small size envelope, light weight and agility, Merlin also is highly functional in environments such as the close confines of aircraft cabins.

Merlin's unique track drive system provides reliable operation over virtually any type of terrain in any weather condition, and the rugged construction of its' on-board handling systems provides enormous lift capacity relative to the small size of the vehicle. Despite its' small size and weight, the Merlin vehicle is fully capable of deploying and firing vehicle mounted Disruptors or Dearmers in EOD operations.

The computer based Command / Control system utilizes the latest in field proven technologies to provide an unequalled level of control and confidence to the operator. The Merlin Vehicle comes equipped with more standard features than any other Robotic vehicle of its type in the world market. Items such as Turret rotation, Manipulator Elbow Axis, Shock reducing disruptor mounts, X-Ray deployment systems are standard equipment, not expensive options that increase the base cost of the Robot.

As with all of our Robotic Vehicles, Merlin features "State of the Art" modular electronics, with such operator friendly features as 2 way audio, and multi-positional cameras which provide improved vision capability to the operator. Command and control of drive, boom and manipulator functions are achieved through the use of proportional speed joysticks for maximum operational simplicity.


Dual Tracked Highly Mobile Platform Freestanding Tether Deployment and Retrieval Reel
Highly Dextrous Elbow type Boom Configuration Proportional Joystick drive and Manipulator Control
Turret / Shoulder Rotate and Pitch Portable, Rugged Computer Based Operator Control System
Drive and Inspection Hi-Intensity Light System 2 way Audio System
Quick Change Battery System Modular Solid State Electronics - Rapid Changeout Capability
Rechargeable Batteries (Including Charger) Environmentally Sealed Chassis
Colour Camera - CLaw / Manipulator Operate in Adverse Climactic Conditions (-20 to +40 Degrees C)
Pan / tilt Colour Drive Camera 300 ft Tether Command Link


Long Range Wireless Radio Control System Window Piercing Attachment
Boom Extend segments for increased Vertical or Horizontal Reach Charge Deployment Reel

Drive System
Quad Motor Hi-Torque Direct Drive
Heavy Duty Track System - 3" Wide Track

Overall Vehicle Dimensions
Length 29.75 inches
Width 17.25 inches
Height (Manipulator) 16 inches
Height (Surveillance) 9 inches
Ground Clearance 2 inches
Weight 60 pounds

Weapons System
Robotically Positioned, Shock Resistant Waterjet Disruptor Mount
Double Redundant Interlocks and Breakers for complete Weapons Safety
Dual Firing Circuits

Manipulator / Boom System
Turret Rotate 340 degrees / Hard Stop Claw Open 0 to 8 inches
Shoulder Pitch 0 to 220 degrees
Clamping Force Variable to 50 lbs Max.
Elbow Pitch 0 to 280 Degrees
Max. Lift (Extd) 20 pounds
Max. Vert Reach 46 inches (From Ground) Max. Lift (Retrd) 50 pounds
Hor.Reach 32 inches (From Vehicle)