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The Predator robotic Vehicle has been designed to provide rugged, reliable robotic capability to EOD and Tactical teams at a reasonable cost. Capable of operating over virtually any type of terrain in any weather condition, this robotic vehicle provides heavy duty manipulation and weapons deployment capability. The Predator provides exceptional performance through the successful integration of the latest in computer based, Command and Control Technologies, modern design and manufacturing processes and field proven operating systems.

Designed and manufactured by Terra Aerospace to meet the needs of a wide cross section of EOD, Hazmat and tactical teams, the Predator comes equipped with more standard features than any other Robotic vehicle of its type in the world market. Items such as Turret rotation, Manipulator Elbow Axis, Shock reducing disruptor mounts, X-Ray deployment systems are standard equipment, not expensive options that increase the "start-up" cost of the Robot..

The Predator features "State of the Art" modular electronics, and computer based controls, with such operator friendly features as 2 way audio, and multi-positional camera system which allows the operator to postion the claw camera at various locations on the vehicle. Command and control of drive, boom and manipulator functions are achieved through the use of proportional speed joysticks for maximum operational simplicity.

  • Two Motor high torque drive system
  • X-ray mount and deployment system
  • 4 wheel highly mobile platform
  • 300 ft tether command link
  • "Wheels-Free" drive disengagement system
  • Freestanding Tether deployment and retrieval Reel
  • Highly dextrous elbow type Boom configuration
  • Proportional Joystick drive/manipulator control
  • Turret/Shoulder Rotate and Pitch
  • Portable, rugged Computer BasedOperator Control Station
  • Claw or weapons "prominent" robotic axis
  • 2 way Audio system
  • Continuous Rotate on claw end effector
  • Modular electronics - Rapid changeout capability
  • Colour Remote Zoom Pan/Tilt Camera Vision System
  • Quick change battery system (Rechargeable includes charger)
  • Drive and Inspection Hi-Intensity Lights
  • Environmentally Sealed Chassis
  • Multi Positional Colour Manipulator/Weapons Camera
  • Polyurethane paint finish
  • Dual shock reducing Disruptor Mounts
  • Operates in adverse weather conditions (-20 to +40 degrees C )
  • Dual Firing Circuits - Double redundant safety Interlocks

    6 Wheel platformWindow Piercing attachment
    Long range Wireless Radio Control systemTactrack track system
    Charge Deployment ReelSpare Battery Pack
    Shotgun mount/firing systemRobotic Wrist pitch

    Wheels free drive disengagement system (wheels turn when power is off)
    Environmentally Sealed, 4 wheel all-terrain platform
    (optional Add-on platform for 6 wheel configuration)

    Overall Vehicle Dimensions
    Length = 40 inches Width = 29 inches
    Height = 25 inches Weight = 520 pounds

    Manipulator / Boom System
    Turret rotate = 220 degrees with hard stop
    Claw Rotate = 360 degrees continuous
    Shoulder Pitch = 0 to 200 degrees
    Claw Open = 0 to 8 inches
    Elbow Pitch = +/- 90 degrees
    Clamping Force = variable to 150 pounds
    Max. horizontal reach from vehicle = 48 inch
    Max. lift capacity - extended = 40 pounds
    Max. vertical reach from vehicle = 81 inch
    Max. lift capacity - retracted = 75 pounds

    Weapons System
    Single or dual multi-positional, shock resistant waterjet disruptor mount
    Double redundant interlocks and breakers for complete weapons safety - dual firing circuits

    Audio / Visual System
    Colour multi-positional camera mounted at manipulator/claw or weapons
    Colour camera mounted in fully articulate pan tilt enclosure at vehicle rear
    2 way audio communication system
    Colour monitor at operator command station
    Picture-in-Picture display capability to view 2 cameras simultaneously
    Video/Audio recording capability

    Command / Control System
    Advanced operator control station including proportional joystick controls
    Tether command link including storage and deployment reel - 600 ft
    Fully modular electronics for rapid field changeout capability

    Sealed dual 12 Volt DC sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries (including charger) - 4 hour duty cycle Quick change battery system for rapid field changeout

    Miscellaneous Standard Features
    X-ray deployment mount including source and cassette holder Field repair tool kit, Operating and maintenance manuals

    Warranty Support
    Full one year warranty on all parts and labour
    Lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship
    Parts availability / support for period of 10 years following vehicle purchase
    Annual vehicle inspection at Terra Aerospace for period of 2 years following purchase
    24 hour/day support network/Hotline for the life of the vehicle

    Guarantee / Warranty
    The Manufacturer guarantees all equipment and components for life against defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship. Motors, Gearing and Electronic components are guaranteed for 2 years (excluding batteries). In the event of component failure, the manufacturer shall replace the defective item at no charge within 5 working days to minimize equipment downtime.

    All Terra/Tac products are designed in accordance with Terra "AEGIS" program mandates. "Aegis" prescribes that all equipment components be designed with a focus on high reliability, multi-tasking and compatibility with other systems and components to improve asset sharing between EOD / Tactical and Hazmat Teams. Contact us for information on other innovative security products.